Joanna Jaruszewicz-Błońska

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Ph.D., Assistant Professor
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e-mail at jjarusz
tel.: +48 22 8261280 ext. 411
room: 326

Institute of Fundamental Technological Research
Polish Academy of Sciences
Pawińskiego 5B, 02-106 Warsaw, Poland


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  • Jaruszewicz-Błońska J, Kosiuk I, Prus W, Lipniacki T. A plausible identifiable model of the canonical NF-κB signaling pathway, PLOS One 8(6):e0286416 (2023) PubMed CrossRef bioRxiv
  • Hat B, Jaruszewicz-Błońska J, Lipniacki T. Model-based optimization of combination protocols for irradiation-insensitive cancers, Sci Rep 10:12652 (2020) CrossRef | PDF
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  • Jaruszewicz-Błońska J, Lipniacki T. Genetic toggle switch controlled by bacterial growth rate, BMC Systems Biology 11:117 (2017) CrossRef
  • Jaruszewicz J, Kimmel M, Lipniacki T. Stability of bacterial toggle switches is enhanced by cell-cycle lengthening by several orders of magnitude, Phys Rev E 89(2):022710 (2014) PubMed CrossRef | PDF-ms
  • Kochańczyk M, Jaruszewicz J, Lipniacki T. Stochastic transitions in a bistable reaction system on the membrane, J R Soc Interface 10(84):20130151 (2013) PubMed CrossRef | PDF Supp-PDF Supp-movies
  • Jaruszewicz J, Lipniacki T. Toggle switch: Noise determines the winning gene, Phys Biol 10(3):035007 (2013) PubMed CrossRef | PDF-ms
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  • Ph.D. Thesis (2014): PDF (defended with distinction)