Beata Hat

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Ph.D., Senior Specialist
Beata Hat


e-mail at bhat
tel.: +48 22 8261280 ext. 411
room: 326

Institute of Fundamental Technological Research
Polish Academy of Sciences
Pawińskiego 5B, 02-106 Warsaw, Poland


  • Hat B, Jaruszewicz-Błońska J, Lipniacki T. Model-based optimization of combination protocols for irradiation-insensitive cancers, Sci Rep 10:12652 (2020) CrossRef | PDF
  • Hat B, Kochańczyk M, Bogdał M, Lipniacki T. Feedbacks, bifurcations, and cell fate decision-making in the p53 system, PLOS Comput Biol 12(2):e1004787 (2016) PubMed CrossRef | PDF SuppText SuppFigs SuppCode
  • Bogdał MN, Hat B, Kochańczyk M, Lipniacki T. Levels of pro-apoptotic regulator Bad and anti-apoptotic regulator Bcl-xL determine the type of the apoptotic logic gate, BMC Syst Biol 7:67 (2013) PubMed CrossRef | PDF Code-Matlab
  • Hat B, Kazmierczak B, Lipniacki T. B cell activation triggered by the formation of the small receptor cluster: A computational study, PLoS Comput Biol 7:e1000448 (2011) PubMed CrossRef | PDF
  • Hat B, Puszyński K, Lipniacki T. Exploring mechanisms of oscillations in p53 and NF-κB systems, IET Syst Biol 3:342-355 (2009) PubMed CrossRef | PDF-ms
  • Puszyński K, Hat B, Lipniacki T. Oscillations and bistability in the stochastic model of p53, J Theor Biol 254:452-465 (2008) PubMed CrossRef | Code
  • Hat B, Paszek P, Kimmel M, Piechor K, Lipniacki T. How the number of alleles influences gene expression, J Stat Phys 128:511-533 (2007) CrossRef


  • Ph.D. Thesis: PDF (in Polish)