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Laboratory of Modeling in Biology and Medicine

biophysics  |  systems biology  |  bioengineering


Prof. Tomasz Lipniacki — institutional www
e-mail: or
phone: +48 22 8261281 ext. 409
room: 325

Recent publications of our Lab:

  • Accounting for corner flow unifies the understanding of droplet formation
    in microfluidic channels

    Korczyk PM, van Steijn V, Blonski S, Zaremba D, Beattie DA, Garstecki P.
    Nature Communications 10:2528 (2019) CrossRef | PDF SuppInfo-PDF
  • The limited information capacity of cross-reactive sensors drives the evolutionary
    expansion of signaling

    Komorowski M, Tawfik DS.
    Cell Systems 8(1):76–85.e6 (2019) PubMed CrossRef
  • Cell fate in antiviral response arises in the crosstalk of IRF, NF-κB and JAK/STAT pathways
    Czerkies M, Korwek Z, Prus W, Kochańczyk M, Jaruszewicz-Błońska J, Tudelska K, Błoński S, Kimmel M, Brasier AR, Lipniacki T.
    Nature Communications 9:493 (2018) PubMed CrossRef | PDF SuppInfo-PDF SuppData SuppMovies SuppCode
  • An information-theoretic framework for deciphering pleiotropic and noisy
    biochemical signaling

    Jetka T, Nienałtowski K, Filippi S, Stumpf MPH, Komorowski M.
    Nature Communications 9:4591 (2018) PubMed CrossRefPDF SuppInfo-PDF
  • Single-material organic solar cells based on electrospun fullerene-grafted polythiophene nanofibers
    Pierini F, Lanzi M, Nakielski P, Pawłowska S, Urbanek O, Zembrzycki K, Kowalewski TA.
    Macromolecules 50(13):4972–81 (2017) CrossRef
  • Traveling waves in a coupled reaction–diffusion and difference model of hematopoiesis
    Adimy M
    , Chekroun A, Kaźmierczak B.
    Journal of Differential Equations 262(7):4085–4128 (2017) CrossRef
  • The propagation phenomenon of solutions of a parabolic problem on the sphere
    Kazmierczak B, Tsai J-C, Bialecki S.
    Mathematical Models and Methods in Applied Sciences 28(10):2001–2067 (2018) CrossRef

      More publications...

To learn more on our research, you may read our perspective on regulatory pathway modeling (a book chapter in Polish).